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is fully owned and operated by Restaurant Agent, Inc.

Restaurant Agent, Inc. has been active in online hospitality services including restaurant marketing and concierge services since 2000. Restaurant Agent, Inc. began in the San Diego area in 2000 with SanDiegoRestaurants.com. After our tremendous success in San Diego, we decided to expand, and are now providing the same professional services to the greater metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Portland, Phoenix and Salt Lake City through our network of websites.

Visitors to our websites find the most comprehensive restaurant guide for their area. Our restaurant listings include logistics such as hours, maps, and location, plus premium content including professional and user reviews, menus, wine lists, photo galleries, chef profiles, signature recipes, special offers, and more. Listings are browsable by location, cuisine, price, and other features, and a custom search feature helps our readers find the perfect restaurant for their needs.

Our city-wide event calendar, job board, and special offer directory help readers stay in touch with what’s going on in the area, while unique editorial features such as our wine guide help readers get the most out of their dining experiences.

But we’re not just a website. Behind our web pages is a team of professionals standing by to offer personalized assistance to our users, through online and phone concierge services and group and special event planning. We also offer an array of professional services for restaurants including custom restaurant marketing, reservation management, and online advertising management. We always encourage you to give us a call.


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